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More efficient commodity Markets

Platts MVS provides premium intelligence services for commodities professionals around the world. The Platts MVS value-in-use application enables subscribers to calculate the fair price of their products faster and more accurately than ever before.

MVS - Minerals Value ServiceMVS - Minerals Value ServiceMVS - Minerals Value Service

Are you getting every $ you deserve?

We have combined the latest metallurgical and commercial technologies to develop a unique value-in-use pricing application to allow you to confidently answer this question.

By using an extensive internal database that considers actual transactions provided by Platts and The Steel Index (TSI), exact chemistry, physical properties, worldwide logistics information, customer-specific characteristics as well as numerous underlying daily changing indexes (e.g. freight costs, exchange rates, regional input costs), Platts MVS provides the world’s most advanced pricing methodology.

As a basis for steel and iron ore professionals around the world, MVS introduces new pricing indexes calculated daily with the powerful Platts MVS application engine as well as a blast furnace specific value for any grade of Iron Ore.

Always up to date

The application automatically updates thousands of key data points on a daily basis.
Our sophisticated database structure and calculation engine guarantees the user always gets the latest and most accurate price information possible by considering hundreds of underlying price points in real time.

Great value for money

Platts MVS provides you with more accurate pricing for your commodity, significant gains for your company as well as significant cost savings. The value the application adds to your company outweighs the cost of the application by far.

Easy to use

The design of the Platts MVS application is groundbreaking. Using the application is simple and straightforward. It was designed to provide the most relevant information and to be user-friendly. It allows customers with the most basic understanding of technology to get Value in Use calculation results and comprehensive reports within a few seconds.

Accessible 24/7

The Platts MVS application is a powerful online cloud application that is available from any place at any time using any device. Use your iPad at the airport to check the latest Value in Use prices or go online in price negotiations and check the latest in-depth analysis before signing the contract.

Comprehensive and powerful

An extensive internal database combined with a sophisticated calculation model and leading-edge IT-technology form the backbone of the worlds most advanced pricing application for commodities.